Who we are

andando We are a group of spinal cord injury, mostly young people to whom fate has brought them a serious obstacle that I face "SPINAL CORD INJURY". We decided to deal with it, of an active form. Exhaust every last possibility that science provide us, you helping us few research projects possible, always with maximum objectivity and guarantees that these present. For this newly constituted a non-profit association called PRO RESEARCH ASSOCIATION FOR SPINAL CORD INJURY REPAIR (APINME).

Fortunately there are other associations and foundations that support the injured spinal cord from the basics to its perfect work integration, Sports and social, after suffering a spinal cord injury. We say that fortunately, therefore we should not begin to exist by creating them as they are fundamental. From here our thanks and support to all (ASPAYM, AESLEME, STEP BY STEP, etc.)


This allows us to focus all our efforts towards collaboration with research projects aimed at the "Cure or improvement of spinal cord injury".

We believe that if we wait "sitting" the arrival of a possible cure, take longer to reach, if we actively take an interest in current research projects and future, plantearles this matter HOW CAN WE HELP, for any progress more quickly and effectively?. Many of you will think or you will be convinced that the government that they bear all these costs and you are sure we are right or, but it is shown that in most cases these grants or fall, or tardy and insufficient. We can complain and do, but where it has taken us so long?, at the same site or not like.

CaptureTherefore still decide to press the administration to take care and we fund research worry, providing area nuestrogranito , push the car the more people, and try to stop it in, advance, and go faster.

We start from a fundamental principle in APINME, if we have to spend the rest of our days in a chair, or a bed "the less fortunate", that is because science today can not give more, but never a lack of resources.

Do not waste time and put in "high", think that many can we expect in our chairs or crutches, but for many others because of soaring serious injuries that cause them both physical functional difficulties as organic , every second to avoid finding a solution to the spinal cord injury is vital.

Organization of association:

President: David Avilés



Professional motocross rider for the mas 10 years of his life. Participating in national and international championships and becoming named driver of the year.

In a photo shoot for a magazine, due to a seemingly harmless fall, be fractured fifth cervical, becoming a serious blow to their environment and.

He currently combines his employer in the life president of the Association of.

Vice-president: José Vicente Cuines



Ingeniero T. Industrial, suffered a serious accident while enjoying a vacation in Dominican Republic, with incomplete spinal cord injury following c4-c5.

He currently combines his work as an engineer and vice president of the association.

Secretary: Rafael Padial


Rafael Padial Cejudo is the father of three children. Degree in Law and Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Granada suffers from quadriplegia 1986 when he suffered a cervical spinal cord injury by diving into the sea.

Officer of the Government of Andalusia on leave currently works as Head of the Planning and Environment in the City of Armilla (Granada).


Lorena Quintana


Seven years ago I had a traffic accident, which gave me a spinal cord injury at the cervical level complete c4-c5. Since then my life would not be the same anymore, my body was not due to any movement, Finishing up my daily: the get up, ducharme, vestirme, go to work (was retail trade in garden),… Habi-a is finished. Now my day is daily rehabilitation to keep my body without atrophy, collaborate with the DGT alcohol campaigns, drugs… I give talks in schools and colleges and also belong to the board of this association. My goal is to find the answer to the question I ask myself every day: When you touch me get up?


Maria Pons


Physiotherapist by profession, I have been professionally associated with spinal cord injury 19 years old, from my step Guttmann, practices in my 3rd career. Seeing and living so closely SCI, the complications and difficulties of patients, but above its living spirit of excellence that gives us such professionals and we treat other people, has without doubt made me join this cause, with the aim of supporting research for the repair of spinal cord injury.


Rafael Ángel García Martinez



Six years ago I had a motorcycle traffic accident which caused me a thoracic level spinal cord injury, Full. Since then struggle to improve my physical condition by performing a lot of sport, swimming, handbike and wheelchair tennis. I think a very important project that bet, help and collaborate to advance the research and good results are achieved to improve spinal cord injury and able to return to enjoy a life like before.


Luis Bonillo García


Pedroñeras, BASIN.

I had an accident in 2001, sonsecuencia as I suffer a spinal cord injury C4-C5.

Collaborated with Apinme, early to find a cure to spinal cord injury.


Joaquin Cobo save



Professional jump jockey and owner of a herd of horses in sport in Madrid.

A year ago, I had an accident working, when I dropped a filly provoke a spinal cord injury above the level of C4-C5. I have decided to become part of APINME, to advance science and find a cure for the injury, again and again to enjoy my sport.


Maria Isabel Martinez Alastuey




Law degree from the University of Navarra. A traffic accident, took my movement and feeling from the neck down (injury at C4-C5)… My life is shattered, destrozé and with it that of those around me. But neither they nor I gave up. Study right, I trusted in science, God and now after 27 years old, with apinme I am very close to getting.

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