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andandoAPINME currently working with the FOUNDATION FOR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH AT THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL "PUERTA DE HIERRO" MAJADAHONDA (MADRID), on the research proyect of Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Regeneration in spinal cord injury patients. This project is authorized and validated by the Spanish Medicines Agency and the Ministry of Health. It is developed by the team of D. Jesús Vaquero and Dr. Mercedes Zurita, in the Hospital Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda , Madrid (Spain).



In APINME we are convinced of the importance and impact worldwide that will this type of therapy for spinal cord injuries. The results in the first patients treated with complete spinal cord injury at thoracic level, once exceeded Phase I Clinical Trial, makes us very optimistic.


1) In March 2013 began the first Cell Therapy Clinical Trials approved by the Spanish Agency of Medicines to treat patients with spinal cord injury. Identifier: NCT01909154 (see here)

2) In June 2014 legal authorization to begin phase two of the trial received. Identifier: NCT02165904 (see here).

3) The clinical trial that is conducted in the Hospital Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda. It is run by the team of Dr. Jesús Vaquero and Dr. Mercedes Zurita. It is the first clinical trial in Spain, in patients with complete and chronically established injury and now its Phase I is complete and Phase II is beginning.

4) It is scheduled to begin in the coming months a second essay of cell therapy in patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries.

5) These tests are part of a program of non-commercial clinical research, to evaluate the efficacy of autologous stem cells therapy in patients with spinal cord injury.

6) These treatments are considered as treatments under clinical investigation, resources must be obtained through research grants, and still no treatments are that can be seen in the hospitals portfolio at the National Health Service..

7) The Research Foundation Puerta de Hierro Hospital currently maintains the program through research grants received through public and private agencies and through donations received specifically to mantain the project. Obviously obtaining grants to develop this clinical research program and its amount, will determine, in the future maintenance of this line of research and the number of patients that could be included in clinical trials to be performed.

8) APINME collaborates with the Research Foundation of Hospital Puerta de Hierro, to fund this test, using the collaborative framework of 17 January agreement 210.


Current needs:

Continuing this line of research and the number of patients whom may be included in the trials, is subject to subsidies. APINME continues to support this test, requiring grants that will enhance the Phases II and III, as well as to start the Cell Therapy Clinical Trial in Patients with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury.

For this, we need your help, and thus help to finish off this line of research which we are sure it will present an unparalleled opportunity for the CURE of SCI.



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