Without them it would not be possible…

Are the headlights that give birth to our hope, of which nobody knows, although they prefer to be in the shade. The basis of his work is the illusion of our life and that of thousands of spinal injuries. With his work and effort has been rekindled hope and excitement in our lives. […]


APINME meets with Justice of Aragon

Isabel Alastuey Martinez, de APINME, has met with the Justice of Aragon in order to disclose the purposes of the association. Thanks to the Justice of Aragon and support the association, APINME continues with great force. The Justice of Aragon has given us their support and help in moving forward. […]


Welcome to APINME

Welcome to the new official website of the association APINME. APINME has reinvented network, with a new website and constantly updated social network profiles, with which you can keep abreast of all the latest news from the association. We have also changed the way you can […]