Press APINME concerning the financing of the GMP room


As some of you know from this Association took time
trying to help raise funds for research projects
We are coming to our website some comments, we would like to clarify
from the Association. These are in relation to one of the projects with which
are fully involved and that is underway as we know in the
if there is any doubt is a Public Hospital, It is not a private clinic
speculate on this matter or seeks to profit in the future with the injured
core because if this works, will be access to all the injured and
covered by social security.
Well as they say these comments go in the direction that "if this is a
ensayo mas, like all rats and pigs, but no results
human and it's like ... and all because the government puts money, the
ricos o……..”.
We should clarify:
1.- It is indeed a test more, and hopefully it would now
many more up, to fight to find a solution to injury
2.- Indeed they have proven since its inception ago 20 years in rats and
pigs (Higher animals), as is required in any project
research, before reaching human.
3.- Indeed "there is still no results in humans". Impossible
them if you have not been made.
So far totally agree, but one wonders why they have not been
performed these tests on human. In the case of this project
I try to clarify:
1.- To conduct a human trial has been previously because of
together a set of guidelines (animal testing) and depending on the results
obtain authorization from the competent authorities of the
Authorizations required, it is very difficult to achieve unless the
experience and results of the project and its technical rigor and support it.
Well unlike other project has since
2007 these authorizations. If anyone doubts this just has to get in
contact us or the Iron Gate Hospital.
Always know that we complain in forums and other, soil that is
test "rats", well then here is the chance to see results
human, Hospital a prestigious Spanish and all controls,
protocols and guarantees that the scientific community requires.
2.- Now, if anyone is wondering "if so why not
conducting the test yet?”. It is what we have tried to explain again and again
on the web and in numerous meetings, simply "because the team
Research does not have the means, need a room
White or GMP cell culture where they can with all
guarantees ". The reasons, because we have given various explanations, that
summary are "the priority of a hospital is to have resources and personnel
to meet patients a priori curable, the means to investigate the ensayar
diseases currently "demonstrably not curable" are
evidently in the background "you obviously share. This
does not mean that the project is not supported institutionally, all
otherwise has the full support of the Community, Gate Hospital Foundation
Iron and Management thereof.
3.- What means are these? .I needed to make "the
human trials, so you can get the results "now go
by FIRST SIN GMP (Cleanroom) fully installed and operational, a dept speaker
by the company Grifols on IRON GATE HOSPITAL, and everything else
is available.
Now surely will emerge all sorts of speculations, dudas o
questioning, on the subject which are probably the same that we did
us from the beginning.
Why not pay the government?
No subsidies?
Why ....?
All issues that could come to answer (would lead to
to dwell much), but the reality is that for one thing or another project
is paralyzed and we do not know if the results give us a new
solution to our problem.
Last, We would like to make clear that once Our Association
APINME is trying to raise funds for GMP ROOM FUND, and that
by FINALLY BEGIN THE HUMAN NESAYOS, own initiative and
If anyone is interested in helping us promote this project or
For more information you can get or apply on our website, where
gladly clarify any questions.
Also if you want to do some trial-related question,
Doctor Vaquero (research team leader) can hacérnosla
and get the answer.
If I understood this spinal injuries, people, Family, etc not
we agree and make an effort not know what else you can do.
Not only ask that you make through this partnership, you can
consort and create another, go directly to the Hospital Foundation and to provide
collaboration (While I eye channeling contribution to this project will),
but as you consider or do I do something, those who have been there and have
seen results in higher animals (pigs), believe us it deserves and
Very much worth the effort.
Jose Vicente Cuines

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