La Fundación Caser 2014 otorga el premio I+D al Dr. Vaquero por su Terapia Celular en Pacientes Parapléjicos con Gran Dependencia,  Jesús Vaquero y Mercedes Zurita, investigadores del Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda.

The neurosurgeon Dr. Vaquero takes another step

A couple of years published an article on the research of neurosurgeon Dr. Vaquero on treatments for spinal cord injuries. Now we know how the investigations are today and spoke with the eminent doctor. At what point in the investigation is? The clinical research program in cell therapy […]

Tako en Calatorao 2014

Concert Tako Calatorao

Last 12 September, Tako Calatorao held a concert in which they unfurled the banner to support us APINME. As usual, thank you for your tremendous support and partnership with us. Your help push us to achieve our goal. Thank you!!


Without them it would not be possible…

Are the headlights that give birth to our hope, of which nobody knows, although they prefer to be in the shade. The basis of his work is the illusion of our life and that of thousands of spinal injuries. With his work and effort has been rekindled hope and excitement in our lives. […]


World of Motorcycling

In this section you will find the world known friends tv, motorcycling, automocion, sport… Cooperating voluntarily and solidarity with APINME. ALVARO MOLINA Dani Pedrosa GP MOTO PILOT EX AVILES PILOT AND DAVID AND PRESIDENT OF SIMON JULITO APINME PILOT WITH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF ARAGON GP APINME CIRCUIT ALCAÑIZ […]