panparahoy collaborates with APINME

PanParaHoy is a company 100% Aragon which offers a free personalized service and home delivery of bread, pastries, snacks and pastries. We also have products for celiac sufferers, all made without trans fat. Web: PanParaHoy collaborates active and easily with APINME, see how to do it by clicking here.


Mapfre, leading insurance company

The company Mapfre collaborates actively and very simple via our Project "Piggy Solidarity" in some of its offices. You can request a piggy bank here.


Complex balls in collaborates with APINME

The complex Bolaso ​​collaborates actively and easily with our project “solidarity piggy bank”. More information about the resort: Complex Bolaso, is a space created for leisure and recreation in a privileged environment. Surrounded by forest and facing a stunning lagoon, offers visitors a variety of services from the playground, […]