News of 26-01-11

Stroma, synonymous with hope for spinal injuries

A research group at the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid achieved positive results in animal and human tested shortly
EDITORIAL The Research Group Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid receiving last week with a story that opens the door to hope for a future and possible recovery of spinal cord injury in humans.

The team has succeeded in Madrid hospital, with the use of a small cell called stromal stem, extracted from the animal's own bone marrow, recover mice and pigs affected with SCI. Now, with the agreement signed with the Association of Injured core APINME, may build a cleanroom, the first living cell therapy for spinal cord injury recover, with an investment of 400.000 euros.

Javier Fernández- Lassquetty, Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid ensures that this “will be the first living cell therapy in Spain to be devoted exclusively to the recovery of spinal cord injury”.

The first test will be twelve volunteers therapy patients with chronic spinal cord injury and the specific 108.000 spinal cord injured people in Spain.

José Vicente Cuines, Vice President APINME, declares that “break this barrier we know is very difficult but not we were going to try and stop this project has convinced us since we met alla by 2006″.

The project will have other 450.000 euros from the Ministry of Health.

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